Month: July 2017

Graphics Tools

There are many programs out there for creating and editing graphics. Here are some recommendations. This page is periodically updated from the list in the Facebook group. Canva, online image+text creator for desktop & iOS, has a free tier GIMP, free photo editor Inkscape, free vector graphics editor (think logos, banners, flyers) for Windows, Mac, Linux, etc. WordSwag, for iOS & Android You can learn to develop your eye for design using: Canva Design School Smashing...

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Other sources of advice

A lot of what’s here has been gleaned from reading other people’s advice. Credit where credit is due, these are some very helpful sources of advice you should also check out. This page is periodically updated from the list on the Facebook group. Church Marketing Sucks Evangelism Coach Pro Church...

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Sources of stock photos

While you should strongly favor photos of our own folks over stock photos, stock photos do have their place. That place is primarily ones where faces aren’t seen.  There are many sources of stock photos out there, so here are a few suggested ones. This page is periodically updated from the list maintained in the Facebook group. Free No attribution required Pixabay – Attribution may be required Creative Commons search for Google, Flickr, etc. – Paid services, no attribution required These services may have some free photos, but access to the full stock of photos requires payment....

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Print shops for outreach materials

If you’re looking for recommended print shops to get things like banners, invitation cards, feather flags, etc. printed, here are a few. This spreadsheet is periodically updated from the list in the Facebook group....

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Inviting people

Inviting people to meeting might sound daunting to many Friends. There’s that constant concern about being this guy: Here’s the thing though. Outreach efforts are on a spectrum. That guy’s ready to fall off one end of it. On the other end is just chatting with your friend. Why invite? But why should you invite someone to meeting? Surely, if they’re interested, they’ll Google “Quaker meeting near me,” right? That requires that they be very specifically looking for Quakers and that they know that we’re what they’re looking for! According to Thom Rainer in his book “The Unchurched Next Door,”...

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