Month: November 2017

When we don’t proselytize

This post is likely to make people very uncomfortable. Please bear with me. Let’s think about what happens when we don’t proselytize and why we don’t proselytize. It is extremely common to say “Quakers don’t proselytize.” I don’t know when this idea originated, since the early Friends were extremely evangelistic. (What do you think Fox was doing, interrupting sermons, if not evangelizing? Or Solomon Eccles when he went naked through Smithfield Market? Or Mary Fisher & Elizabeth Williams in Cambridge?) There was a great people to be gathered, after all. A year ago, I encountered a comment on one of Callid...

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What’s in a Meme? – Humor as Outreach and Engagement

Quaker meeting has begun.   No more laughing, no more fun….. (Children’s Rhyme) Due in part to some confusion, some bad PR, and other unfortunate circumstances – we often aren’t thought of as much “fun”.  Dour faces, stern countenance, “serious” prayer. And yet, it has been my experience that humor is often a holy act of connection.  Not the only form, but certainly, one that can get our attention, and make light of serious circumstances – not to dismiss them, but to help us pay attention again.  A serious message might be more easily conveyed in a post with some...

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