Month: January 2018

Evaluating Retention

“You can’t manage what you can’t measure,” says Peter Drucker. It’s a commonly repeated bit of advice. How can you work on improving newcomer retention if you’re never evaluating retention? Evaluating retention numbers It’s January, so now’s a good time to look back on 2017. Pull out the guest book or your pile of newcomer cards, connection cards, or index cards—whatever you use to collect info from first-timers. Count them up. Go ahead and ignore the ones who filled in the address part with the name of some other meeting or somewhere otherwise non-local. They shouldn’t count against you....

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Redirecting to Quaker Cloud

Yesterday, I noticed one of my local meetings lists on their Facebook page a web address like . One problem: they don’t own the domain. They’re using FGC’s Quaker Cloud these days, and those web addresses are just a bear to recite, but they weren’t redirecting to Quaker Cloud. Redirecting is like setting up a “DETOUR” sign, but on the internet. I sent them an email, letting them know their domain must’ve expired without them noticing. They wrote back that they’d given up the domain because FGC doesn’t offer a redirect service, and they didn’t want to pay for...

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