Author: Kathleen

What’s in a Meme? – Humor as Outreach and Engagement

Quaker meeting has begun.   No more laughing, no more fun….. (Children’s Rhyme) Due in part to some confusion, some bad PR, and other unfortunate circumstances – we often aren’t thought of as much “fun”.  Dour faces, stern countenance, “serious” prayer. And yet, it has been my experience that humor is often a holy act of connection.  Not the only form, but certainly, one that can get our attention, and make light of serious circumstances – not to dismiss them, but to help us pay attention again.  A serious message might be more easily conveyed in a post with some...

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Don’t forget that Bulletin Board

Our Meeting (Fresh Pond Meeting, MA) rents our worship space.  This means we do not have a permanent display area for attenders and visitors to pick up information.  Having this information is very important for our greeter to answer questions, for newcomers to have a “takeaway” about our worship, and to share important news with attenders who may not be online.  I inherited this board a few weeks ago, and decided to rehab it.  Here’s some learnings that may be of help! Firstly, I found everything was out of date.  A calendar where all the dates had passed.  An...

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