Month: July 2017

Welcoming Guests

Follow-up with newcomers is extremely important. Why work on inviting people to come for a first time visit, if you’re just going to put them off of ever returning? That’s why welcoming guests is a high priority. Follow-up should occur within 48 hours for best retention. With great follow-up and welcome, other churches find: 34% of first-time guests become second-time guests 51% of second-time guests become third-time guests 78% ¬†of third-time guests stick around Depending on your local culture, going beyond this may be a good thing. For instance, the previously linked church expert says 85% of guests return...

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Invitation cards

If you want to make it easy for folks to invite people to meeting or church, get some invitation cards. Business cards are the right size because they’re made to fit in your wallet. We’ve all got some way to carry something that size. They’re also pretty cheap. My meeting got 500 made up (color on front, black & white on back) for about $20 using a VistaPrint¬†coupon. What should invitation cards say? If your meeting is the only one in the area, what goes on your invitation cards is pretty straightforward: Meeting name Web address Meeting place Meeting...

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