Month: September 2017

Running a festival booth

So your Meeting wants to participate in a community event, such as a street festival, folk festival, Pride event, etc. You’ve never had a festival booth before. How do you get started? When planning a booth at a local event, consider how to lay out the space to make it inviting for people to enter and linger. Arranging the tables so that there’s space inside the booth for people to walk in can be more inviting. It’s especially welcome if it lets them get in out of the rain. Equipment You’re going to need a way to keep either...

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Social Media Sunday

Never heard of Social Media Sunday? It was started by some Episcopalians and has now expanded across denominations. The idea is that even if you don’t share your faith on social media the rest of the year, at least do it this one day. For 2017, that day is: Sept 24. Ideas: Share a picture of you with some of your friends at the meetinghouse Take a picture at potluck and share it Post a picture of the meetingroom and say why you find it such a lovely place to worship Ask whether your friends have anything they’d like held in...

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Help Facebook posts reach more people

To the great annoyance of anyone running a Facebook page, most posts are seen by only a small percentage of those who like/follow the page. If 100 people like your meeting’s Facebook page, only something like 8 of them will see any given post you make (and not the same 8). Without paying money, there’s not much the page admin can do help Facebook posts reach more people. But there is something Average George and Average Margaret can do to help! In fact, there are several things you can do to help Facebook posts reach more people. See, Facebook pays...

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On letting our lives speak

Often, when we talk about the need to do outreach and invite people, Friends will say “I don’t believe in outreach. We should just keep letting our lives speak.” However, I think we should examine deeply what we are doing that we believe qualifies as “letting our lives speak.” Gearing up for a march every now and then and writing letters to our governments are lovely things to do. However, at a march you’re in a group of people who already agree with you; when you write a letter, only the recipient knows it. Rather, what are we doing for...

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Web Accessibility

In the United States, religious organizations are exempt from the Americans with Disabilities Act. “We won’t be fined” isn’t a good reason to be lax on web accessibility, though. We want our websites to be usable by as many people as possible because we want to be able to say truthfully all are welcome. How can you get started ensuring your meeting website has good web accessibility? Images, color, and streaming media are the three primary areas to focus on. Images All images should have alt text. Alt text is the text that is read as an alternative to...

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